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Dingo Hire

If there is one machine that can get through the narrowest of access areas and work in the most constricted of spaces, it is the dingo. Whether it is a landscaping job that you need to do on our backyard, or laying a new turf on your lawn, or paving a narrow pathway, our range of dingo hire options can perform these jobs with speed, economy, and precision. Our compact, powerful machines can also reach a limited access jobsite where no other machine may be able to enter.

No Corner Too Tight

BobcatCo has been servicing construction contractors and individual clients for more than a decade in Melbourne. We are well aware of the space restriction some of our clients face. We also believe that just because a jobsite may be difficult to access, it doesn’t mean that the client’s request should be turned down. Our compact, customized machinery can perform a variety of tasks, such as:

  • Backyard Landscaping and Filling

A majority of suburban backyards have constricted access such as a garden gate, or sideways, or even an issue with height obstruction. The dingo is a machine adept at manoeuvring itself, without causing any structural damage to the property or the flooring, and rolling into that hard to reach yard. Once the machine arrives at the site, it then employs its powerful, efficient engine to either dig up, re-lay, or even fill the yard. Our range of dingo machines can access sites that are no wider than1100 mm.

  • Trenching Projects

The versatility of the machine allows it to not only exert torque and power when needed, but also be accurate and precise at a job when required. Trenching jobs, which include drainage works and laying underground electrical cables, requires a precise digging depth which can easily be achieved by the dingo. Our range of machinery can dig trenches ranging from 100 mm to 250 mm with a depth of 800 mm. The combination of the ripper accessory and the machine enables it to work on a variety of surfaces – soil, sand, clay, shale and rock.

  • Digging Post Holes

Another feature of the short, compact machine is that it can penetrate hard and tough surfaces, be it concrete or soil, and dig holes reaching two metres. It is an ideal tool if you need a post to be inserted in your backyard, lawn, or a sidewalk.

  • Erecting Fences and Screens

The multipurpose machine can be used for earth moving projects as well as fencing jobs. They can be guided in a straight path as the fence or screen is erected around the job site. Our clients can use the machine to fence a yard or cover the perimeter of a commercial construction site.

Dingo Hire Melbourne

At BobcatCo, you will find the latest machinery (the Dingo K9- 3 series) and multiple accessories available at a budget-friendly rate. With our dingo machines, your earth moving, landscaping, digging, or trenching project will be completed in an efficient, timely, and economical manner.

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