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Mini Bobcat Hire

When we say there is no earthmoving or landscaping job too small for us, we actually mean it. BobcatCo provides mini bobcat hire for those places which can be difficult to get in and out of. If it is a backyard that needs to be filled, or a lawn that needs to be re-turfed, or a constricted pavement that needs to be tiled, our compact earthmovers will roll in and get the job done.

Mini Bobcat Hire Melbourne

Over the years, we have made additions to our line of mini bobcats and build a reputation for being specialists in limited access projects. There are three main varieties of compact, customized bobcats that you can hire from us:

Attached with a plain bucket

A machine with a bucket that can dig up or spread soil, clear rubbish and yard waste, and lay an even pavement.

Attached with a teethed bucket

This can be used for landscaping or lawn reshaping projects where the harder top soil needs to be dug out.

Attached with a grabber

If there is a tree stump or a pole that needs to be removed from the backyard, the grabber can do it in a quick, easy manner.


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