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Bobcat Hire

For reliable and safe earthmoving equipment in Melbourne, BobcatCo is the name you can trust. We provide well maintained, top of the line machinery to suit your personalised needs, and more importantly, your budget as well. Our bobcat hire services are customized for your requirements – whether it is a paving and preparation project or a lawn landscaping task. No request is too big or too little for us.

The Tough Movers

Earthmoving jobs require machines that are powerful as well as precise. This is where our range of heavy-duty bobcats provide a quick, economical solution for our client’s requirement.  With more than a decade’s worth of experience in handling a variety of concrete and soil removal projects, you can be rest assured that BobcatCo will move the earth for our clients.

We have a variety of earth movers that are designed to fit into various physical spaces – wide or narrow. All of our machinery come with certifications and have been assessed for risks and defaults. They are also OH&S approved.

The Services We Provide

When a client contacts us, they can look forward to the following services:

Land Clearing

Our standard range of bobcats can remove all kinds of debris – pebbles, rocks, bricks, concrete, litter, rubbish, and dirt – in double quick time. The machinery effectively removes green waste as well. A clean and clear land site then allows us to carry out our job in a manner that saves time and money for the client. Whether levelling the ground for a construction site, or digging it up for a swimming pool, the removal of waste matter from the site allows our machines to perform at its optimum.

Land Preparation

We have a special range of modern, compact bobcats (the M Series) that can be used to prepare a site for landscaping. We pay special attention on the base prep, which involves calculating the depth of the dig, then analysing the kind of material that will be appropriate for the base, and finally, laying the material in a firm, even manner. The materials we work with include concrete and paver blocks.


The range of machinery at BobcatCo can not only be used for earthmoving and land clearing projects, they can also perform demolition jobs with safety and precision. Safety is the keyword here. When it comes to tearing down a structure, it is imperative that it is carried out in a safe confine where there is no risk of injury to personnel. Our bobcat operators are fully aware of the procedures and manoeuvres that need to be carried out for a safe demolition job.

Other Miscellaneous Services

At our agency, you will find a variety of earthmovers that is proficient in a number of services ranging from trenching to boring to lawn scrapping to back fill projects.

Bobcat Hire Melbourne

When a client hires our machinery and personnel, they are enlisting the services of a skilled, experienced, and dedicated team that will leave no stone, rock, or pebble unturned in their efforts.


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