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Renting A Backhoe Loader – Factors To Consider

One of the most versatile heavy machines on the construction scene is the backhoe loader. The backhoe’s compact size and versatility makes it a perfect fit for urban engineering projects: road repairs, building small and medium sized houses, transporting light construction materials, compact demolitions, and landscaping. The machine is one of the more popular equipment that project managers rent for the jobsite.


Factors To Consider

If you are considering to rent a backhoe loader factor the following:

What will it be used for

The backhoe can be used for a variety for applications. Knowing what kind of tasks the machine will carry out will help you choose the right kind of attachments. Another thing to consider is whether the machine will be driven or carried on a trailer. If the machine will be driven around then you must select the Ride Control option. This allows maximum comfort for the operator and allows for more control of the machine.

Standard Arm or Extendable Arm

Depending on the digging depth, you need to choose from the standard arm or the extendable option. The latter is a popular option as it allows operators to dig trenches and lift or place objects in a safe manner. The machines need to be an appropriate distance while trenching to maintain trench integrity.

Auxiliary hydraulics

To maximise the versatility of the backhoe you need to have the proper auxiliary hydraulics for the attachments you intend to use. The reason being that some attachments require unidirectional hydraulics while others require bidirectional hydraulics. If you are using thumbs, augurs, or swivel buckets then select the bidirectional option. For breakers and compactors use unidirectional hydraulics. Keep in mind that if you use the wrong hydraulic system it could damage the attachment.

Additional power

The backhoe generates sufficient power for digging tasks. If the machine needs to be used for lifting tasks then you should select the Power Lift feature when renting the loader. The additional power enables the machine to lift and crane material without any risk or potential damage. For lifting needs, you could also select a loader model that is a bit more compact than traditional models. The CASE 580 Super N Wide Track with Power Lift is a good example of a compact model being able to lift and crane more than the bigger backhoes.

More control to the operator

Operators who feel comfortable with their machines are more productive and complete tasks in a shorter period of time. While renting a backhoe loader, ensure that the operator feels familiar to the machine’s controls. This will help you to maximise the machine’s utility.

Renting a backhoe loader that fit your specific requirements will help cut down on project costs and reduce time estimates.

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