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Regular Maintenance = More Income

All machines require maintenance. More so when they are earth moving machines used for heavy lifting and site clearing requirements on a construction site. The unexpected downtime a project can face because of a machine breakdown results not only in a loss of revenue for the bobcat owner, it also creates a bad impression about the renting agency. Any machinery undergoes wear and tear over time. By being proactive rather than reactive, bobcat owners can minimise maintenance issues that may crop up without warning.

Bobcat Maintenance

Maintaining a Maintenance Strategy

Prevention is always better than cure. Instead of pushing the heavy machinery to its limits without any maintenance plan, follow the manufacturer guidelines for maximising the machine’s potential. If you own a heavy-machinery renting business, here are a few expert tips for an optimum maintenance strategy:

Tip #1

Assessing Your Machine’s Capabilities.

The best way to protect your most valuable asset – the machine – is by assessing the maximum workload it can undertake. For instance, if it is earth moving machinery then consider how much weight it can move and what kind of materials will it carry. If it is a digger, then you need to consider the digging depth and the soil conditions. Ignoring the capacity guidelines will lead to frequent repairs and the unexpected breakdown.

Tip #2

Follow The Machine’s Maintenance Intervals.

This cannot be stressed enough. Following the machine’s maintenance schedule helps you to anticipate any wear and tear. If an issue crops up during the maintenance, it can be fixed immediately. We suggest you read through the maintenance manual provided by the manufacturer to get a clear idea on when the machine needs to be serviced and what parts will need servicing. For most bobcats, the servicing begins when the machine has logged eight to ten hours. When the bobcat logs in more than 50 hours, then closer attention needs to be paid to regular servicing. Apart from the scheduled maintenance, daily checks on fluids, lubricants and filters need to be carried out as well.
The service requirements change with the season and temperatures. A bobcat operating in cold weather conditions need fuel, tire pressure, block heaters, battery, oil, and defrosting systems to be monitored for efficiency.

Tip #3

Understanding Your Machine.

Gone are the days when you bought heavy machinery and left it in the hands of the operators, relying on them to take care of the machines. Owners today need to get familiar with the technical side of the business: They require an understanding of the different kinds of emissions-compliant engines, the different lubricant requirements, fuel injection systems and particulate filters that are used in heavy machinery. This knowledge allows the owner gain a better understanding the maintenance requirements the machine will need.

Regular Maintenance = More Income

The more effort one devotes to maintaining their machines on a regular basis, the longer the machines will work, earning more revenue in the process.

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