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Post Hole Digger Hire

Excavating holes on a construction site requires a machine that can combine the necessary power and precision to dig the required width and depth. With our post hole diggers, our clients can complete a range of tasks – concrete footings, sign posts and house stumps. Our machines are capable of digging through hard surfaces, as well as areas that have tough soil conditions. Holes can be excavated from as narrow as 200mm to as wide as 750mm, with a maximum of around 900mm. The machines can dig to a depth of four metres.

Post Hole Digger Hire

When you hire a post hole digger from BobcatCo, you receive a variety of digging accessories that enable to complete the most complex of excavating tasks in the shortest time frame. We send an expert operator with the machine who can extract the maximum from the machine, which reduces the overall costs of the hire. If your job site has a narrow access, our diggers are compact enough to manoeuvre through the access and reach the site.

Our post hole digger hire in Melbourne is available at a competitive, economical price which includes timely delivery, no hidden fees or fine print, and a well-maintained machine.

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