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The Multitasking Compact Excavator

The size and build of a compact excavator makes them an ideal machine to get into confined spaces on jobsites and dig. Its compact size makes it an often requested rental for earthmoving work in narrow spaces. With additional attachments, the excavator can transform from its digging avatar to a multitasking machine.

What makes the compact excavator an ideal machine to perform a variety of tasks on a jobsite is its coupler system. The system allows for an easy switch from one attachment to the other. This saves time and allows the operator to use the right attachment for the specific job, which increases the machine’s effectiveness.

Compact Excavator

The right attachment allows the machine to perform the following tasks:


A backfill blade gives the excavator the added ability to perform grading tasks on a construction site. The machine can perform a rough grading or a more levelled grading, depending on the nature of the work. The backfill blade also allows the excavator to execute backfilling and levelling tasks. One attachment, many benefits. The machine can level or backfill sites in double quick time with the blade.

Another attachment that can increase the excavator’s multitasking ability is the grading bucket. If the backfill blade can transform the machine into a quick leveller and grader, the grading bucket allows the machine to cut, grade, and fill. Attach tilt swing accessories to the bucket and they create swales and shape contours with an increased range of motion.


The machine may not look like much with its compact dimensions. But its engine and hydraulic powered boom gives the excavator a powerful bite. In fact, they are an ideal tool for demolition work that requires precision and power. Attach a concrete breaker and it can cut through driveways, sidewalks, trails, paths and swimming pools. Not only does it work well in a restricted area, the excavator can also perform big boy demotion tasks such as tearing down old buildings and retainer walls.

Site clearing for development

Properties that are marked for development may contain debris and foliage that need to be cleared. A compact excavator attached with clamps or grapples is the perfect machine to clear underbrush and level decaying trees. The machine’s hydraulics allows it weed out difficult undergrowth such as saplings and roots. If there is a grass overgrowth on the property then a flail mower attachment allows the machine to remove the grass.

Clearing the site is one thing. The debris needs to be shifted out from the site as well. With a midsize bucket attachment, the excavator changes into an expert loader. The machine can easily transport the debris out of the site.

The east at which attachment can be changed makes the compact excavator a versatile machine that can be used effectively for multiple tasks on a construction site, saving time and money.

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