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Mini Excavator Hire

If there is an excavating, earthmoving, or landscaping project in a constricted area, then BobcatCo’s mini excavators are the ideal solution.

Mini Excavator Hire Melbourne

Our range of compact, customized machinery have been a regular feature of construction jobs that take place in the CBD and inner city areas where constricted lanes and narrow work spaces are a common occurrence. The machinery may have a short and stout appearance, but they exert enough force to level a backyard, generate enough power to clear a land site, and are flexible enough to weave in and out of tight access sites without damaging our client’s valuable property.

The mini excavators are fitted with expandable rubber tracks that allow our operators to manoeuvre the machines past driveways, garden gates, and tiled passageways in a safe, easy manner. They can execute a variety of tasks with bucket sizes ranging from 300mm to 900mm. The machines can handle a digging depth of 2 metres as well for boring projects.

BobcatCo offers economical packages for mini excavator hire, with a variety of accessories and a free delivery, on time, at your job site. All you have to do is call us. We will take care of the rest.

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