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Mini Dingo Hire

For a machine its size, the mini dingo can surprise you with its powerful hydraulic systems and its range of accessories and tools, which can do just about everything on a construction or landscaping site. Over the years, it has evolved into a preferred utility tool for contractors and commercial agencies. With BobcatCo’s mini dingo hire services, our clients can get multiple tasks performed with a single machine and its accessories.

A One-Stop Machine

The new breed of mini dingo machines that are available with us have been fitted with 25.6hp engines. This translates into improved hydraulics which allows the machine to work on tasks other than clearing dirt and debris. The improved engine powers it to for levelling tasks on concrete slabs and for excavating tasks in tight areas such as basements and backyards. The small, compact dingo can even perform demolition jobs with accessories that include concrete saws, concrete crushers, and brooms. Its size allows contractors to even lift the machine to high access sites for site clearing tasks.

Mini Dingo Hire Melbourne

If you need a construction tool to manoeuvre into tight corners or perform a wide variety of tasks, our mini dingo machines are the ideal, economical solution.

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