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Mini Digger Hire Melbourne

When you have to work on a landsite with a narrow access which is less than 1000 mm in breadth, there is one economical solution that can get through the constricted passage and on to your site. That solution is BobcatCo’s mini digger hire.

The Restricted Access Specialist

Having served construction contractors and individual clients throughout Melbourne for more than a decade, we have realized the necessity of a compact, yet powerful machine that can get in and out of narrow passages with causing any damage to the structure around it. Our mini digger machines are an ideal solution for those landscaping jobs that take place in confined, urban spaces.

Some of the projects the compact machines can work on include:

  • Backyard Gardening – To dig and excavate the topsoil of your backyard.
  • Trenching Jobs – For trenches where electrical cables or drainage pipes need to be laid. The mini digger performs a quick, precise dig.
  • Breaking Tough Surfaces – The machine can generate enough power to break rocks and even concrete surfaces, which makes it a hand tool for inner city construction sites.

Mini digger hire Melbourne

Our machines are affordable, well maintained, and delivered on time at your jobsite.

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