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Increase Profits With Rental Attachments

The goal of any business is to make it a profitable venture; and the heavy machinery renting business is no different. If the machines rented out to clients perform at an optimum level, your business will get repeated requests as well as new enquiries. Apart from well-maintained machinery, there are certain other revenue streams that can be tapped into for additional income. All it takes is some common sense with a touch of business savvy.

Excavator Attachments

Rental Attachments – The Golden Egg

As a business, if you can understand the client’s exact requirements, they will reward you with their loyalty. When it comes renting heavy machinery, the client is looking to maximise their investment and extract the most from the machines. This can be achieved by providing them with rental attachments.

Equipment such as excavators and loaders can be transformed into multi-tasking machines with the right attachment. Rather than just excavate the soil and move it, the machines can be used for a wide variety of tasks. This translates into more savings for the client because they need to hire less machines, which translates into more business for the renting agency.

Here are some of the rental attachments that will turn a profit


Perhaps the most versatile of all rental attachments. Augers can be used to dig precise holes and footings, install fence posts, and plant trees. The best part of this attachment is that it can be used in a variety of soil conditions. Whether the soil is soft and spongy or hard and rocky, trust the auger to deliver an optimal, powerful performance.


If there is a tool that can break through anything and everything, then it is the hydraulic breaker. The new models emit lower noise and vibration without compromising on its power. Breakers can be used for a wide range of interior and exterior demolition jobs as well as road repair works. The best part is that this attachment is virtually maintenance free.

The Grapple

The grapple can grip and remove unwanted debris from the construction site. It is an effective clearing machine designed to lift and move large, hard to manage materials. The attachment’s USP is that it can be used for land clearing, landscaping, demolition, construction, and ground maintenance.

Plate Compactor

An attachment that allows the operator to compact a trench from the comfort of the excavator. The compactor eliminates the need for an additional worker to work in the trenches after they have been dug, which increases workplace safety. With its powerful compaction force, the attachment is handy tool that can be used on footings and slab areas as well.

Minimal Investment, Maximum Gains

Rental attachments do not require a large investment. They are also easy to maintain and come with a long operating life. It is a win win for the business as well as the client.

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