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Extract The Maximum From The Machine

Earthmoving machinery such as bobcats, diggers, and excavators can offer efficient, productive services. These machines can also be made to perform a notch higher with a few tweaks to the existing design. If heavy machinery can perform at its maximum, project managers can save on the time required to complete a construction project and on the estimated budget. This can only lead to a repeat business for the rental agency.

Bobcat working

Extracting The Maximum

There are various ways and techniques that allow operators to push a machine to its maximum without breaking it. Some of the techniques require an advanced technical knowledge while most tweaks are practical and easy to perform. Based on the experience of our operators, we have listed three effective tweaks:

Choosing the right accessory for the task

Excavators and diggers can be rented with a wide range of accessories. The trick is to know the right accessory for the job. For instance, the earth cup tooth chain has become the preferred trenching tool instead of the rock tooth chain. The latter is as not effective as the former in nearly 90% of land conditions in Australia. Despite this fact the rock tooth chain is used as a common accessory for trenching jobs, which then reduces the machine’s efficiency. With the right kind of bucket, or the precise augur the operator can extract the maximum performance from the machine on any land condition.

Rent well maintained machines

A well maintained machine will have no maintenance issues or breakdowns that will stall essential work on the job site. Contractors and clients can look forward to a hassle-free experience with well-maintained machines. Machinery that has not been well maintained may cost less to rent but may result in more time required to complete a task which means more money spent. Equipment that is serviced regularly completes the task in a quick, economical manner.

Increase weight in the tires

When the machines are big and heavy why increase the weight of the tires? Increasing the weight in the bottom half of the machine generates
Additional power and thrust to the hydraulic arms of diggers and loaders. The increased thrust allows the machines to dig deeper, trench faster, and excavate heavier loads. Weight id generally increased in the tires by filling them up with water. An important factor to consider here is how much water should be filled. There needs to be a certain level of air filled in the tires to provide comfort, cushioning, and for reducing wear and tear on the machines. The right combination of air and water allows the operator to adjust the tire pressures for various surfaces – from concrete to rock to sand – and extract more from the machines in different conditions.

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