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Excavator Hire Rates

There are various factors that affect excavator hire rates in Melbourne. The weekend rates are different from that of a weekday, if an operator is required along with the machinery, GST and other taxes, and not to mention the fine print. Because BobcatCo puts the interests of the client above everything else, we charge a flat, budget friendly rate for the use of our wide range of excavators.

No Frills Attached, No Fine Print

With our hire rates you pay for only thing – the number of hours you use our machine, and if you require any specialised accessories or attachments in addition to the buckets, Augers, and drillers we provide with the excavator. Our rates are one of the lowest you will find in Melbourne and include the following factors, which are probably charged by other agencies in their final invoice:

  • Delivery Charges

Whether you are located in the city centre or in a far flung suburb, our machines are transported to your jobsite free of charge, and on time.

  • Damage and Cleaning Charges

We trust our clients with our machinery and do not levy damage or cleaning charges.

With our excavator hire prices, you pay what you see on the invoice. Nothing more, nothing less.

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