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Digger Hire Melbourne

BobcatCo provides a streamlined digger hire service in Melbourne that provides well-maintained machines, with a variety of accessories and options. Our clients do not have to worry about filling out any forms, do not have to check for any insurance of safety certificates, and they definitely do not have to think of any delivery issues. All that you have to do is call us, and your machine will reach your jobsite when you need it, in time.

Hire The Right Solution

A digger is a powerful and efficient construction tool to have at your jobsite. The machine’s engine and hydraulic system enables it to carry out a number of tasks that takes care of earthmoving, landscaping, digging, excavating, and land filling jobs.

When you hire a digger machine from BobcatCo, you get:

  • Automatic Wheel Motor Systems

We have updated our entire range of diggers by replacing the old, mechanical chain drive mechanism to the new, automatic four wheel motor systems. The new system eliminates any maintenance or an adjustment that was required with the older machines. It also diverts more thrust to the hydraulic arms of the machine. The additional power reduces the time required for earthmoving projects, and reduces the amount on your invoice.

  • Enhanced Safety Valves

With a big machine designed for heavy-duty jobs, safety is a prime concern. On commercial construction sites where there is a lot of heavy lifting, a system can be overloaded with the additional stress. BobcatCo’s range of diggers has been fitted with hydraulic relief valves that compensates for greater pressure and prevents the system from overload. This ensures greater work efficiency and a safer work environment.

  • Foolproof Fuel Tank

An earthmoving job is a tough grind that involves the shifting of abrasive material as well as large, heavy debris. When our diggers work on a land site, they encounter rocks, boulders, concrete, limestone, and coal. These materials can cause wear and tear to the machine’s exterior, especially the fuel tank. Our machines have reinforced plastic fuel tanks that are resistant to any kind of wear and tear. The foolproof fuel tanks are an added safety feature as well because they are resistant to sparks and rust.

  • Efficient hydraulics

The improved hydraulics of our machines directs more power and thrust to the arms of the machine, maximises oil efficiency, and allows the digger to work for longer. The improved performance results in reducing the overall project time, which reduces the hiring costs, enabling our clients to have a reduced invoice.

  • Environment Friendly

Our diggers are faster, more efficient, which minimizes the carbon footprint of your construction project by using less fuel. The machines emit a low engine noise, reducing the sound levels at your site.

Digger Hire Melbourne

We provide digger machines throughout Melbourne, from the inner city to the far-flung suburbs, without any delivery charges. Our hiring rates are priced to provide the best value for our clients without any hidden taxes, mark ups, or fine print.

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