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Dealership Or Rental Agency For Machine Maintenance

We cannot stress enough the importance of following a machine maintenance schedule for heavy machinery. Regular checks increases the lifespan of the machines, improves productivity and performance, and reduces the risk of damage. As excavators and diggers complete a number of years working on the jobsite, their servicing requirements increase. A machine that needed to be serviced once in two months when brand new may require a servicing every two or three weeks.
The machines are serviced either by the rental agency that has purchased them or by the dealership. The point to consider is whether the maintenance services provided by the dealership is a more cost effective option than the rental agency.


Three Key Factors

There are three key factors to consider when determining whether the maintenance of machines should be handed over to the dealership:

The agency’s capabilities

Having invested a fair amount of capital in procuring excavators, diggers, loaders, and attachments, a rental agency may or may not have the necessary tools to undertake servicing requirements. The tools could include advanced electronic systems, diagnostic packages and EPA-compliant emissions controls. Apart from the tools, the technicians who carry out the maintenance require a level of expertise to keep the machines in prime working condition. Another factor to consider is if the owners and operators who are busy meeting the jobsite requirements have the time to keep track of the servicing schedule and stay ahead of it.

The dealership’s capability

If the machines are handed over to the dealership, owners can be rest assured of expert technicians with access to advanced resources, tools and the latest information. Their eyes are trained to inspect and identify potential damages at the very first sign. They are familiar with iT4 and Tier 4 systems that gives them a better understanding of tweaking the various parts for maximum performance. A key advantage that dealerships have is their access to software for diagnostics and calibrations that rental agencies cannot afford. To make their services more attractive to the agencies, dealerships now provide on the spot maintenance services. Maintenance trucks stocked with the necessary tools and diagnostics hardware will reach the jobsite and can perform a routine check or even perform an emergency repair.

Calculate which option is more feasible

Rental agencies must analyse which option will help them save more. Owners may save money when they conduct the maintenance in-house, but they may end up losing more downtime on the jobsite because the machine is not available. For instance, if the agency takes three hours to change the engine oil but dealership takes less than two hours to do the same task, then agencies are missing out an extra hour. These factors need to be considered when selecting the ideal place for maintenance of your machines.

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