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Cool Comforts Of The Modern Operator Room

Heavy machinery operators who worked in the eighties probably envied their white collar peers to no end. After all, people who worked in climate controlled offices did not worry about the heat, rain, or cold. Whereas the operators had to stick it out in their cramped cab rooms at the mercy of the elements.
Much the like the machinery has evolved over the decades, the cabs too have progressed from cramped to comfort, with a special emphasis on operator comfort.


The Modern Operator Room

The workspace for operators has changed to reflect a cosy, compact office space. Many details have been factored into the operator room, including climate control, ergonomics, safety, and ease of handling controls. An operator can adjust the height, and in some cabs, the width of the seat to suit their physical frame. There is even leg space provided to stretch the long legs out while working. A small holder can be used to hold the cup of coffee. No more working without a shot of caffeine.

One of the biggest improvements is the heating and ventilation systems of the modern cabs. Earlier, heavy machinery operators would either melt in the heat, freeze in the cold, or get wet in the rain. Not anymore. Ventilation ducts are placed in strategic positions to provide the ideal temperature.

The operator room of the modern cabs allows for easier entry and exit and a comfortable workspace for the day. For a first hand look at some of the modern cab designs and layouts, feel free to contact us a Bobcatco to arrange and inspection.

Control Options And Adjustability

Operators nowadays are spoilt for choice when it comes to control options in the cab. There are the standard hand and feet controls that most operators are familiar with, which include dual steering sticks for drive functions and dual foot pedals for lift and tilt. What’s new is the Advanced Control System (ACS) that puts the hand and feet controls in two joysticks. The left joystick is used for the left-side drive and lift functions while the right joystick is used for the right-side drive, tilt, and auxiliary hydraulic functions. Radio remote control systems are a third option. They have been designed with a focus on operator safety in extreme environments. The operator can control the machine from a safe, remote location with the controls.

When choosing a control option to work with, operators must keep in mind to select one that they are familiar with.

Modern cabs are made for maximum adjustability and personalization. Whether an operator is tall or short, stout or thin, the cab room will adjust to their specific requirements. Especially the controls that are fitted independent of the seat, offering more flexibility and room.

Everyday Comfort

Operators today can be as proud and happy about their workspace as their white collar peers. The operator rooms provide comfort and safety to tackle everyday work challenges on the construction site. Check out the Bobcatco website for a full list of our comfortable machines and prices.

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