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Choose The Right Engine Oil

Machine performance is largely dependent on engine performance. You can have an excavator or a digger that is powerful and efficient. However, if the engine is not performing at its optimum, all the power and efficiency counts for nothing. To keep the engine in peak condition the right kind of oil needs to be used. A good engine oil can improve the machine’s performance by a few notches.


A Mandatory Requirement

Owners of heavy machinery can no longer get away with using substandard engine oil. What looks like a short term saving will cause long term harm to the engine and the machines. The new regulations laid down by the Environmental Protection Agency ensures that only higher-grade oil be used. The good news is that the new oils can be used on older engine models as well, saving owners the hassle of changing their engines.

Choose The Right Engine Oil

When choosing the right engine oil, consider the two following characteristics:

The Oil Classification

There are different oil categories for petrol and diesel engines. Since heavy machines use diesel engines, owners need to select oil categories that begin with the letter C. From 2006, CJ-4 category of diesel engine oil has been introduced. This category has been formulated for high-speed, four-stroke engine models and intended to increase performance while decreasing harmful emissions. The CJ-4 category is a premium brand and costs more than the CI-4 PLUS and CH-4 varieties. The extra money invested is well worth it because the CJ-4 extracts much more from the engine than the lower end varieties.

Matching the Viscosity Rating

Work conditions generally dictate how viscous the engine should be to generate maximum performance. The machine’s Operation and Maintenance Manual is a good guide to consult while determining the correct oil weight for the work conditions. Many machines use a manufacturer-filled 10W-30 weight oil. The oil is offers excellent performance for temperatures ranging from zero degrees Fahrenheit to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The other option is the 15W-40 weight oil which can perform between 25 degrees F to 110 degrees F. Synthetic oils offer another excellent option for heavy machines. They extend engine life with fewer oil change intervals and offer maximum protection extreme conditions that range from a bone chilling minus 40 degrees F to a sweltering 120 degrees F.

Hydraulic lubricants

There are various kinds of lubricants for the engine’s hydraulic components that cover the three important work areas:
Performance – Lubricants that are designed to provide protection in sub-zero conditions as well as provide stability and safety in high temperatures.
Optimisation – When the cycle times are optimised it leads to higher productivity.
Environment friendly – Certain work conditions demand the use of lubricants that produce a minimal carbon footprint.

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