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The Bobcat

Earthmoving and landscaping jobs offer their own set of difficulties and challenges. If machines to be powerful and tough for former, then they need to be precise and accurate for the latter. If there is a machine that can meet both challenges, it is the Bobcat.

Tough And Precise

There are a wide range of Bobcat machines available for hire in Melbourne that provide a quick, economical solution for the various needs and requirements of construction contractors and clients. The machines are available at agencies, such as BobcatCo, which are experienced in helping clients find the right machinery for their projects. The machinery come with certifications and have been assessed for risks and defaults, including the OH&S approval.

Bobcats are designed to fit into wide or narrow physical spaces, making it an essential part of any landscaping project.

One Machine for Multiple Tasks

The machine’s versatility allows it to perform a variety of tasks on a jobsite. These tasks range from the simple to the complex:

  • Debris and Waste Removal

The standard range of bobcats are an effective tool to clear a particular site of all unwanted material: Be it pebbles, rocks, bricks, concrete, litter, rubbish, and dirt. The machine’s design allows it to use the bucket accessory to pick up and clear the waste matter in double quick time. Not only can it clear debris, it can effectively remove green waste and dispose off it in an environment-friendly manner. A clear jobsite allows the operators to work faster and save time and money.The removal of waste matter from the site also allows the machines to deliver an optimum performance for a variety of tasks, such as levelling the ground for a construction site, or digging it up for a swimming pool.

  • Landscape Prep

TheM Series range of Bobcats are modern, compact machines

that can be used to prep a site for landscaping. Once the depth of the dig is calculated, and the right kind of material for the base is decided, the compact machines perform the task of laying the material in a firm, even manner. These materials could include concrete and paver blocks, which then form the base for the landscaping job.

  • Demolition Jobs

The range of machinery at BobcatCo can not only be used for earthmoving and land clearing projects, they can also perform demolition jobs with safety and precision. Safety is imperative when there are parts of a structure that needs to be pulled down. The task needs to be carried out in a safe confine where there is no risk of injury to operators or any other personnel. Bobcats provide a safe enclosure and a steady platform for the personnel to undertake the demolition task.

The Other Essential Tasks

Apart from the three major tasks, the Bobcats can perform a variety of other essential tasks that includelaying trenches, boring, scrapping lawns and turfs, landfill projects, and excavation projects. The machines are an able construction tool that can perform the wide variety of construction tasks.

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