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Bobcat and Tipper Hire

The bobcat and tipper hire services provided by BobcatCo takes care important aspects of earthmoving and landscaping jobs, such as waste management, land filling, and transportation of materials such as concrete, paver blocks, gravel, and soil.

The disposal of waste, in particular, has become a focus area with emphasis placed on disposing various kinds of debris and rubbish in an environmental friendly manner. In Melbourne, strict checks are being employed on large scale and small scale digging, excavation, and land filling projects. Our four tonne and ten tonne tipper trucks can effectively clear the debris and rubbish, including green waste, with a minimal carbon footprint.

Apart from waste disposal, the tipper trucks at BobcatCo can execute landfilling projects with the minimum of fuss and supervision. The machines have advanced hydraulic systems that allows them to self-unload the material for the site. The amount of material to be unloaded can be controlled as well allowing our operators to execute the job with more precision, which saves time for our clients. And time saved is money saved.

Our bobcat and tipper hire Melbourne services are available throughout the city at a price range that will to suit the budget constraints of our clients.

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